What drives a 14 yr old to have sex?

So I woke up rather early today and got a glimpse of a programme on the television that had the host interviewing a 14 year old girl.  The show actua lly deviated from the normal vox pop format & the focus was on this one girl. I wondered where it was going, but as the minutes went by all became clear. Apparently, the host had heard the child being verbally scolded by her father in public and was concerned at his style of discipline.

An interview was granted with the young lady and she expressed dismay at the preference that was shown to her brother by her parents. She said it left her feeling lonely, unloved and sad. Out of nowhere, the host asked if she was having sex to which the 14 year old answered ‘yes’.

Well, I most certainly wanted to know why she was having sex and maybe the host was thinking the same cause she then asked why? The teen gave a simple answer. She said she yearned for love and having sex made her feel loved.

Now, when I raised the issue on twitter many opinions came forward. Some felt that many children are just too ‘forced ripe’, a Jamaican saying which means that a child acts too adult like, others felt that it was just a bulls*** excuse, that children should learn from the mistakes of others and learn what true love is so they don’t have to lean on others for it, while others felt that there is nothing better than good grounding from parents who should provide love and attention.

Question though, how does a child become ‘forced ripe’, isn’t it through exposure. Next question, how does a child develop a strong self esteem and know and understand love (not the sexual kind) at 14 fully, if their parents have done nothing to bolster their minds and well being before that point. Next question, isn’t it also know that if their is parental void or a child can’t reason well with his or her parent then that child is going to turn to someone or something else? Perhaps it is the parent (s) who should be more vigilant.

There are many parents who exhibit harsh authoritative behaviour yet are hardly around even though they finance the child, there are also parents who are physically there yet still not present, it’s like they are invisible, there are also parents who have biases towards certain of their children (this is damaging in the long term), there are parents who because they have the money feel they can have as many children as they like because they can pay for this and that. Well get this NOTHING CAN SUBSTITUTE for you Time, Affection and Attention. No amount of toys, trips, nannies, nothing. So get with it.

What say you?