October Is Breast Cancer Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Jamaica will join in the fray to observe it.  In fact in 2008 in Jamaica 749 women were diagnosed with cancer , while 316 lost the fight.

Checking your breasts for lumps is a simple process and far from time consuming. Sadly, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in young women. The battle is on, take a little time and invest in yourself, examine your breasts regularly. Remember catching a lump early increases the chance of a better cure.

Yoplait (distributed by Winsynco in Jamaica) is working along with the Jamaica Cancer Society on the Yoplait Save Lids, Save Lives Campaign which will allow Jamaicans to join in on the fight against breast cancer. A donation of $8 will be made to the Jamaica Cancer Society for the period October 1 – November 13 for every Pink Lid Yoplait 6oz yoghurt that is purchased.

To heighten interest and stir action, this movement has started with a pledge. Personalities like Yendi Phillips, Cherene Anderson, Tessanne Chynn, Tami Chynn-Marshall, Deon Hemmings, Beverley Manley have already taken theirs

Please take the pledge and encourage sisters across Jamaica and the world to ‘Team Up’ and join the fight against Breast Cancer.


I pledge allegiance to my girls, to my boobs, to my titties, to my tatas to my breast
and their normal state of being, and to tell my doctor about any changes, I see or feel
immediately with detail and care for all.

Despite the fact that breast cancer is most often associated with women; men too can get breast cancer, so guys take time out to examine your chests.

If you would prefer making it an interactive experience with your partner, here is one way to do it.

To learn more about breast cancer you can visit this site: