Some of the songs I am listening to while writing this article: Stullesha – Mavado, Foot Pon Shoulder – Vybz Kartel, Stulla – Mavado,  Bramma’s African Wine, Bend Ova – RDX while writing this article. 😉

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to have as guests on my show Sexwise on (aired Tuesdays 9 – 11pm, Jamaican time) 2 Exotic dancers, the owner of a Sex Toy Store in Ocho Rios and a Sexual Educator.

It proved to be a very interesting discussion indeed. What was clear is that even though we are 21st Century we still had the issue of both men and women still taking umbrage to walking in on their partners using sextoys or the suggestion of its usage. Not surprising given that the Jamaican society is very gallis (men should have many women) oriented and that men must sort out (sexually satisfy) women.

The Doctor pointed out that men felt like their women were cheating on them when they used the sex toys and could not understand why even after a hard session of daggering (very rough hard penetrative sex which often leaves the woman bruised) the women still needed to use sex toys. Blush (one of the Exotic dancers), who was by no means shy, simply stated that Jamaican men had the misnotion that hard forceful sex which had a woman holding her belly bottom (lower abdomen), face contorted or making screaming noises equated to good sex. The Doctor agreed with Blush and Dymond (the other Exotic dancer).

As a matter of fact, the Doctor pointed out that alot of women faked orgasms, did not experience one til later on in life and contrary to what Jamaican men thought an anaconda longa (Jamaican parlance for long penis) was not necessary for a woman to achieve a good orgasm as it was the lower one third of the vaginal canal which gave pleasure. When I asked for a translation, the Doctor further went on to state that 1″ up the vaginal canal was where alot of women tend to have most of their sensation. That should blow alot of the myths out of the water.

Quite interestingly, the Doctor said that only about 25 – 35 % of women actually enjoyed penetrative sex and that most women tended to achieve an orgasm via the clitoris. So much for daggering, which the Exotic dancers felt was an easy way out for the men who did not want to put in the time to make a woman feel good. That brought us to the point of their lack of understanding as to why Jamaican men rejected the use of sex toys.

Blush recounted episodes where two of her boyfriends physically abused her because she wanted to use a sextoy, even though they were averse to cunnilingus. Dymond was emphatic in her preference for men from the Eastern Caribbean who whilst not always into sex toys were more willing and demonstrative in their use of cunnilingus.

Sex Toy Store Owner, Romeo who has a nice discreet operation in Ocho Rios said he decided to set up shop in Jamaica this June after realizing there was a need. Since setting up shop, business has been very brisk with heavy sales for the Bullet, Penis Pump, Body Oils, Rabbits and handcuffs. Maybe, many persons are hiding and using toys, just a thought.

It still discombobulates me as to why there would be resistance amongst Jamaican men for the use of sex toys, especially when it would add a new dimension to their sex lives, it would ease pressure off them to perform, they could reduce their dependence of all these male enhancement products and energy drinks and most importantly it would make them not have to tell lies on their “prowess”.  After all alot of fake “stullas” (men with extended sexual endurance) are out there.