Wednesday, May 11, 2011 marked 30 years since the death of one of the legends of Jamaican music, Bob Marley (he died from cancer at the age of 36 back in 1981). Right across the globe, many fans of the genre and the artiste paid tribute.  Some made long sojourns to Kingston, Jamaica the home of the Bob Marley Museum and looked on keenly as three clerics from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church sprinkled holy water and filled the air with incense.

While Marley might have physically passed away, his legacy certainly has prevailed. His children have worked tirelessly to surpass his contribution, for in reality it is that much harder for the children of a global superstar to earn respect.

Many of the Marley children have delved predominantly in the musical tradition of their father; Rohan Marley, however, has taken a different path with Jammin Java (the US distribution arm of Marley Coffee).  Choosing to push, Coffee.  Yes, coffee, the second most consumed beverage in the world and the 2nd most highly traded commodity behind oil, the company seems to be boiling full steam ahead.

Recently,, a site run by coffee lovers became the first online company to distribute Jammin Java’s new line of single serving coffee pods and teas.  In April, when offered a Lightning Deal (a limited number of items at a discount for a short period of time)
on Jammin’s 2.2 pound whole bean bags of Kingston City Roast whole bean coffee, they were sold out in just over 1 hr.

Marley Coffee though is not going the route of Starbucks, which by the way is doing well.  Instead, Marley Coffee intends to have one location per country; let’s see how that pans out, given that the coffee not only has brand appeal but also has a very smooth taste.  That aside, I think the eco-socially conscious approach that Marley Coffee has taken towards the business is really admirable and appealing.