THE PERIODIC TABLE IN CHEMISTRY & THE BIBLE – The Link To Science & Religion finally found?

First off, let me say that I don’t have extensive knowledge of the Sciences: Chemistry, Physics or Biology, but when I see or hear a good story in the making, I do recognize it.  This morning, Friday, May 13, 2011 I got a call from a friend of mine and somewhere in the conversation, she casually stated that her sister had made a correlation between the PERIODIC TABLE OF CHEMISTRY and it’s origins in The Bible. Yes, you read correctly, the PERIODIC TABLE OF CHEMISTRY and The Bible; in total shock I asked her about 15 times, “What, the Periodic Table and The Bible, are you sure?”  She didn’t fathom my excitement, maybe because she had known her sister all her life and knew that she had been working on great things for a long time so it didn’t bring the same degree of amazement as it did to me, someone who was not aware of the works that her sister had been putting in over the last 42 years. Unable to contain my excitement, I quickly ended the conversation, flew out of bed almost knocking my head in the doorframe just so I could get on top of this story. It’s the first time in my life that my laptop was not doing it’s normal USAIN BOLT bootup. I went straight to the website, which by the way was designed totally by LAVERNA PATTERSON, the Jamaican born woman, who made this correlation between the origins of the PERIODIC TABLE and The Bible.  Armed with an Undergraduate Degree in Biochemistry and a M.Sc Computer Systems and Telecommunications, inspired by God, she left corporate life and gave away all her earthly possessions, lived on basic necessities and made a  six month long hike on the Appalachian Trail with only enough to hold in a backpack. She had always felt compelled to do God’s work, The Mission had begun in earnest. And so the story begins. The origins of the Periodic Table based on the research I conducted has never been accredited to any biblical source, from all that I had read, mentions had been made of several scientists who had come up with varying degrees of this very important table to the fundamentals of Chemistry – Antoine Lavoisier (1789), Johann Wolfgang Dobereine (1829),  Leopold Gmelin (1843), Jean Baptiste Dumas (1857), August Kekule (1858),  Julius Lothar Meyer (1864), John Newlands (1864-5),  but it’s to Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, the Russian Chemist to whom it’s invention has been ascribed even though he and Meyer published their tables independently in 1869 and 1870 respectively. In the years which followed Mendeleev’s findings, scientists have since then filled in gaps as more chemical elements have been discovered, but at no point has anyone ever made the  connection between the PERIODIC TABLE and The Holy Bible, but LAVERNA PATTERSON has. (COPY AND PASTE THIS in your Search Bar) Not only  has she spent a copious amounts of time dedicated to the site, but several things struck me about this story: a. She is Jamaican born b. No one had ever made the connection between The Holy Bible and The Periodic Table c. It’s so rare to read of someone who puts in this extensive degree of work who:               – Has never and does not ask for payments either through sales promotion                 and/or advertisement;            – Does not support any occult, political party, or politicians;            – Does not sell your emails to companies for data-mining;            –  Was neither requested by, founded by, funded by, approved by nor                             disapproved by the church AND – Who is willing to allow you to use her resources for free. d. Despite chastisement, ridicule, ostracization, being brandedas insane, even from her former church brothers and sisters, pastor and even family members she continued undeterred, un-waivering in her faith in her pursuit of the Mission she was instructed to do according to God. e. The numbers of visitors to her site, despite a reclusive lifestyle in outstanding. With so many persons, killing themselves when frustrated or drowning in their sorrows and blaming others for everything in their lives, I was absolutely blown away, by the story of this Jamaican born, self sacrificing, staunch woman, who rode out the wave of persecution, LAVERNA PATTERSON; I think she is phenomenal and that is an understatement. I had her heard of Faith in God, but I had never known of anyone, who exercised in real life like this. NEVER. Laverna Patterson is now a Published Author, thanks to the interest and efforts of one lady from India who believed,  ELLEN PRASAD PILLA.