We have seen the signs, quite a number of us have experienced the effects of the change in global weather patterns and whilst part of it is due to the changing cycles of nature, part of it is due to man.  Some take dominion of all things literally and use it in an unwise way, while some due to ignorance perpetuate dangerous practices to our environment.

I live on an island nation called Jamaica; for a very long time I have said we need to take care of nature and Mother Earth, for wo(man) depends upon it more than we realize for our fragile existence.  If the USA, China, Germany to name a few have issues with destruction of nature and waste disposal and they are far bigger in size than Jamaica, what are we waiting on.  The USA has been trying to tackle the issue, but Germany could easily be branded as the leader in waste management, disposal and recycling.

The BSR, Berlin Waste Management Company has made waste collection easy by color coding easily accessible containers:

  • the yellow bin for packaging materials,
  • the brown bin for compostables,
  • the blue bin for paper,
  • the white glass bin,
  • the colored glass bin, and
  • the grey bin for the rest of the trash
  • the orange bins and orange corners for bulky items like furniture and if passersby see anything they would like, can take from them
The color coding aside the population has been sensitized, public policy as well as pricing structures targetted to encourage recycling have been instituted, but in the end it rests on the populace doing the right thing.

You can do your part, even if in just a small way, after all as we say in Jamaica “one one coco full basket” in other words one step at a time.  Alot of Jamaicans eat eggs, so instead of tossing the shell in the trash, grow a plant and crush the egg shells and put them on the soil as they provide calcium for the soil, also if you drink coffee, coffee ground is a good source of nitrogen.  Calcium and nitrogen  will help keep your garden soil and plants healthy.


  • You can use them instead of stones in your plant pots as they are not only lighter but a great nutrition source;
  • If you grow peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, or cabbage try placing egg shells in a circular pattern around the stems to ward off  slugs and cutworms;
  • Prevent the rotting of your tomato blossoms ends by putting eggshells on the soil near your tomatoes