ENTERTAINMENT DAILY – Khago, Busy Signal Petition, Tuesday on The Rocks


The independent label Down Sound Records has inked a production and booking deal with international recording artiste Khago to boost his presence in the international marketplace.

“We believe that Khago is going to be a part of the transformation to uplift dancehall to its former self. That’s why we are interested in doing albums with him that are geared towards particular markets. He can be the next big artiste out of Jamaica because of his crossover appeal and his wonderful work ethic which is on par with that of a Vybz Kartel,” Josef Bogdanovich said.
“His ability to flow bar to bar in lyrical clashes with artistes like Assassin and Sizzla means that this artiste is a powerhouse, and beginning with these albums, we are marketing him as one of the future stars of dancehall music. He is a double threat because his reggae songs are very popular in Africa and Europe and his dancehall stuff is popular in the ethnic markets in the US, we believe he is a bonafide star.”
Down Sound Records is known for discovering and nurturing talents such as Fantan Mojah, and Nanko. The company currently has a roster of new artistes that includes Harry Toddler, Specialist, Nature, Motion, Toya, Lollie Lue and G Warren.
Khago’s publicity is still being handled by Claude Mills.
Khago performed at a show in St. Thomas called ‘Ballas Splash’ over the weekend and he will be performing at a show called Girls Graduation in St. Mary.

In following the musical career of “Busy Signal” for the last eight years since making his debut on the music scene with the hit single “Not Going Down”, you have seen the work of this artiste show significant strides of intellectual growth, cultural awareness and personal development. Transitioning from tracks such as “Step Out” very early in his career to popular covers such as “One More Night” and“Night Shift”, Busy Signal’s growth as an artiste must be commended, with the consistent improvement of his craft culminating in the release of his all reggae album in May 2012.

We have seen time and time again, how music has the power to transform lives, and how it can inspire us to reach into ourselves and bring our best hopes, aspirations and ideals to the forefront. It is against this backdrop that we have seen this individual evolve and virtually become one of the best and most positive role models for our young people.

It is never the intention of any legal process to turn around a worse individual after the course of justice has been completed.   The objective of punishment is ultimately the hope of rehabilitation and reform, taking into consideration that this individual would have had time to reflect and recondition the mind to make better choices. It is our belief that “Busy Signal” has personally achieved that which the judicial system has intended for each individual it has passed down a “guilty verdict to.

This case has touched a different chord in each and every Jamaican, because “Busy Signal” has managed, against all odds to achieve what the judicial system seeks to do in each person that has been faced with incarceration. We would like to use this petition to highlight this case and the character of Busy Signal.

The White House will respond to petitions submitted through We the People that reach a threshold of 25,000 within a 30-day period. We have 26 days to go!!

The process of signing the Petition is SIMPLE and takes a few minutes… In order to participate, you must create a WhiteHouse.gov User Account.

  1. To create an account…Click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” in lower right corner of the screen onhttps://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/exonerate-glendale-gordon-aka-busy-signal/3Bdk8kt3#thank-you=p and enter your “NAME” and “EMAIL ADDRESS”.
  1. You will receive a return email within a few minutes to confirm this is a working email address.
  1. Now Click on the “SIGN THIS PETITION” button on the petition’s webpage.
  1. Your E-Signature is now registered!