LIPSTICK THURSDAYS later in FICTION (@fictionjamaica)


Known for an eclectic blend of music, ranging from House, Soca, Dancehall, Rock to Hip Hop, tonight will see Zj Sparks (@sparkiebaby) and Ricky Eminence (@ricky_eminence) in full flight tonight at Fiction Nightclub in Kingston, JAMAICA.

To get in on the Summer excitement Ladies roll in for only $500 and the Swag Bros $1000.  It’s advised you get to the club by midnight as this is a hot Pre-weekend event.



INNER CIRLE still circling the Globe

Large Up….  Inner Circle is back with new music and new tour dates for the Summer of 2012!  Last month Inner Circle shot the video for the first single “This Is Reggae Music” off of The Reggae Wave project featuring The Reggae Wave bands, check out the video below.  The momentum of Inner Circle’s reggae remix of “Young, Wild & Free” is picking up and now has over 300,000+ views.  An alternate version featuring Peter Morgan has been recorded and is in heavy rotation in Hawaii on Island 98.5 (Shout out to da sista Melody).  Make sure you mark your calendars with our show dates below, Inner Circle will be in an area near you!
Also, check out the new site BadBoysofReggae.com for new updates and FREE music!
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GENERAL DEGREE  still causing TRAFFIC BLOCKING after 2 Decades in the game
General Degree released Hold On, his latest single. The dancehall track, while quite punchy, delivers a message of love and support in relationships.

The single sports a waist-jerking rhythm and an attractive hook as the artiste describes it as “typical General Degree”. Hold On continues to gain popularity among lovers of Dancehall and is currently at the number two position on the NMT Top Ten Dancehall charts.

The song is one of many masterpieces from his upcoming album Snapple Dapple Volume One which will be released soon. In speaking about the album’s tracks, Degree says that listeners can expect a collection of songs founded by social commentary.

The artiste has a successful catalogue in the local music industry that spans 20 years and continues to be part of the exciting Dancehall repertoire. When asked how he does it, he humbly said, “I’ve been holding my head up and staying current.”

Well known for the songs Bag a Tingz, Traffic Blocking and Cartoon Character, General Degree has also capitalised on a business acumen having established the clothing line Rehgeh.




Thursday, June 28, 2012
9:00pm until 2:00am

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J Boog is a man of many influences. The singer of Samoan descent was born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, California. Growing up in the rough streets of Compton, the strong sense of tradition and culture that J Boog absorbed from his family was instrumental in his path to stay off the streets and begin a successful music career.At the age of four, after hearing his older sister playing the piano, he developed an interest and started watching her and learning about music. Soon, J was singing along to the notes & melodies he heard his sister play. A while later, she brought home a Bob Marley song book. Even at this young age, J knew Bob’s name and his music. Upon hearing his sister begin to play, something clicked inside J. He hasn’t been the same since.
These days Boog is either in a studio, on a stage or catching a flight. Radio interviews have become a daily thing and it’s a little overwhelming for the young artist, though he has been smart enough to keep his humility. He has a great sense of humor and an even better sense of reality. He can be overheard saying how blessed he is on a daily basis. It’s easy to see why J Boog has been winning over fans when you meet him. He has the right spirit and attitude to carry him to the next level.
Katchafire is a reggae band from Hamilton, New Zealand. They present an infusion of the roots reggae lineage with an undeniably Maori sound. They feature Logan Bell (Guitar, Vocals), Jamey Ferguson (Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals), Haani Totorewa (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals), Grenville Bell, (Lead Guitar) Ara Adams-Taratewa (Bass), Jordan Bell (Drums), and Leon Davey (Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals).
From humble beginnings ‘jamming’ in a garage, Katchafire is a melting pot of unique members, including two generations of one family and diverse musical perspectives – yet this blend is exquisitely aligned with the essence of reggae which can be an expression of social and political persuasions, hardship and pain, relaxation and reflection.
Dubbed New Zealand’s hardest working band by national media, Katchafire have now completed numerous national and seven international tours. The band has moved audiences around the globe with three tours in New Caledonia, one tour in each Fiji and Hawaii and 10 Australian tours.
Now Katchafire are poised to extend their unique reggae style, sound and success to the ‘big two’ – USA/Hawaii and UK/Europe. In July, Katchafire are begin their Hawaii/USA tour playing at Hawaii’s biggest summer concert event of the year, the 16th annual Birthday Bash at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu then onto Kaua’i and Big Island.

Kingston, Jamaica (Mpr Consulting/Shuzzr PR) – Grammy Award producer and musican Jazzwad wants to publicly set the record straight, get his due credits and let it be known that he is the creator and producer of the hit single “Sidung”. Dancehall artist Elephant Man featuring Lady Saw single “Sidung” has been heating up the airwaves and their official video produced by Terminal 4 Media has received over a hundred thousand views since it’s last month released. A success that any producer would be proud of, but only if the right person receives the accolades.

The “Energy God” was looking for a new single when he reached out to Jazzwad to produce and build a riddim for his “Sidung” lyrics. Ele himself wrote both his and Lady Saw’s part of the song. Jazzwad created the riddim inside Q45 studios, where it was subsequently recorded. Once recorded the song was thereafter send out to various radio stations and DJ’s, and this is where the issue took place. It is alleged that when Elephant Man and Q45’s assistant send out an e-mail blast of the music, for some unknown reasons he attached both his own label “VeryHugeProductions” and Q45 to the song tag.

jazzwad was unaware of the issue until the song hit airwaves and the charts. He promptly tried to correct the information, but it was too late, the song was out and it went viral. Even the video was produced with wrong information and credit accolades.The error was never acknowledged and corrected by neither parties.

Jazzwad states. “This wouldve been the 1st that Q45 had a riddim from me “if” he was the “producer” of the track. He always used Steely & Clevie in the past and I’ve heard from many sources in the past that Q45 has said “mi nuh want no riddim from jazzwad” “him nuh ready yet”. With him saying that I still never showed no bad face or create no bad vibes or a feud with him and would always hail him if I saw him back then and still do now. I confronted him on the matter to which he has pointed the finger to Chester of “Very Huge Records” the email blast guy saying Chester is the one who put wrong/false information in the emails when sending out the song”

This matter happened once again on two other Elephant Man songs that Jazzwad not only produced but also played all the instruments. “Wine Up Song” & “Dash Wata”, for which the latter has a new video. The video credits also had to be altered at the last minute when Jazzwad made his feelings be known to Q45 on the false credits at the beginning and ending of the “Sidung” video

Jazzwad has always prided himself in his work ethics and has never asked for more than he deserved, he wants to go on record and let it be know that it is HIS riddim and production, one that he is proud of, and just as someone writes a book, or paints a portrait, he wants his signature on the work.

Jazzwad work stems decades in dancehall/reggae. He is responsible for Bounty Killer first single“Coppershot”, “Book Book Book”, “Miss Ivy Last Son”, “Mama”, Beenie Man’s “Nuff Gyal Ina Bundle”, “Gyal dem way”, “Chalkboard”. Garnett Silk’s “Kingly Character”, “Bless Me”, “I Am Vex” just to name a few. Jazzwad is also one of if not the 1st producer to record Vybz Kartel which was a collaboration with Bounty Killer called “Gal Clown”. One of the highlight of his career was receiving a Grammy for his productions on Damian Marley’s 2006 Best Reggae Album “Welcome To Jamrock” which included“Hey Girl” with Stephen Marley and the song “Beautiful” which featured Bobby Brown.

For more on Grammy Award producer Jazzwad:
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The launch of the Gyal Season Riddim which was held at the M10 Restaurant Bar & Grill owned by Marvin Tenn, started off great with ZJ Sparks at the turn tables setting the pace for the night, came to a sudden halt as a result of rain.
After a hour and a half delay the night was re-started withBambino welcoming the patrons to the launch and explaining the concept behind the Gyal Season Riddim.He further explained that the opening of Tuesday on The Rocks which will be held each and every Tuesday until July 31th 2012 at M10 Restaurant, Bar & Grill was inspired by a song done by Kes on the Gyal Season Riddim.

As the night continued there were performances from Trever Off Key & Keida, Sophia Squire,Tessanne Chin and Kes who flew in all the way from Trinidad just for the launch.

Delano followed up the pace earlier set by Sparks and continued electrifying
the crowd and finally Bambino, who took over and had the party rocking.
He then introduced to his new song “Yeah Yeah” and new dance which had the party-goers going wild.

Other person in house included: Denyque, G Major, Tammi Chynn, Richie Loop,
Robert Livingston, Quizz, Michael Harding, Richie D,Gary Matalon, Oliver Cuffe Jr, Mr. Easy, Aggart, DJ Karim, Zj Smurf, ZJ Venus, ZJ Dymond, Summer (Zip News), and Claudette Powell.

Shout out to the media houses who came out and showed their support: On stage,ER, Intense,Hype TV and Observer.

BambinoJustin “Jus Bus’ Nation, Marvin Tenn and D’Empire Management would like to extend gratitude to everyone who came out to support the
Gyal Season Riddim Launch and the Opening of Tuesday on the Rock.
DIANA KING declares her sexuality via Twitter and Facebook
The following was taken from her Facebook Page:


by DianaKing on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 7:27am ·

My name is DIANA EUGENA KING, known to most as DIANA KING my fans call me KingSinga.


I AM A LESBIAN … the answer to my most asked INDIRECT question.

I welcome the “WHO CARES” right now LOL.

I answer now, not because it’s anyone’s business BUT because IT FEELS RIGHT WITH my SOUL and I believe by not answering or hiding it all these years somehow makes it appear as if I AM ASHAMED OF IT or THAT I BELIEVE IT IS WRONG. I FEEL NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS … or I would have grown my hair. But all kidding aside, I AM a private person, but sometimes, one has to step outside of their comfort zone to GROW. This here, that I’m doing, is my road. Not everyone will OR is required to travel this way. Some people will carry this fact about themselves to the grave and that’s their prerogative but, a “GOOD” reputation can be a GIGANTIC LOAD in a girls backpack. I KNOW now that it’s time I fully practice the meaning of my face tattoo, which is LOVE YOURSELF LIVE YOURSELF. I JUST WANT TO KEEP IT REAL.

HONESTLY SPEAKING, I have always been AFRAID to admit it openly, because of the UNKNOWN of what it may cause negatively, to me my career my family and loved ones. But  I realized that it is not my job to make others COMFORTABLE, I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE, the stuff U think about on your deathbed and at this point in my life I DO NOT CARE about the things that FRIGHTEN me anymore. My biggest regret is that I didn’t COME OUT earlier because being silent has held me back from being ALL that I was born to be. The DEEP FEAR that I’ve had, especially that my own JAMAICAN PEOPLE will judge me and not accept me because of their homophobia has been a heavy burden. I fly my country’s flag HIGH. Always with respect and honor everywhere I go, there is no doubt where I AM from, especially in my music. And I am nothing but PROUD of myself and my accomplishments, no one can take that away from me, IT IS already written in the History Books. But I often wonder, if  JAMROCK would have STILL been proud of me if they knew the truth from the days of SHY GUY. So even though I’m a woman of the world, living out of my massive duffle bags in different countries, week after week month after month , JAMAICA has been in my head with great LOVE and absolute FEAR. The harsh reality that people like ME are persecuted, beaten, jailed, raped and murdered everyday JUST for being who they are or JUST EVEN BEING SUSPECTED OF IT. It’s what I saw too many times growing up in SPANISH TOWN and living in KINGSTON and it scared me to death. I COULDN’T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THERE. It is hard to imagine the anguish inside if you are not considered an ABOMINATION I and cannot relate personally. BUT GO AHEAD ……..  IMAGINE IT for a minute.

And I can only image what it is like, living there and enduring that reality everyday 24/7 365 days of the year. I WILL NOT carry this baggage ANYMORE. In about 10 years I will B older than both my parents before they died. MY PERSONAL NEED to be 100% authentic and TRUE to myself and to make sure my children learn, especially from me, not to EVER be afraid to be WHO THEY ARE is stronger than any insecurities I may have had over the years. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WHO I AM from the moment I could think and had even tried to be THE OPPOSITE because of society’s pressures. Trying to LIVE A LIE is horrible, whether GAY or STRAIGHT and for me, was the saddest part of it all because it only caused immense pain to everyone involved. I have been myself to the fullest ALL EXCEPT for when I came to my sexuality. And it is particularly tormenting when U R a FREE SPIRIT. Only people who were very close knew because I told them. I’ve never felt comfortable being around or working with people who were UNCOMFORTABLE with that fact …  and I thought for a long while that that would be enough. But it wasn’t and it is not. NOT FOR ME … it feels like living INCOMPLETE. I have MUCH RESPECT and deep ADMIRATION for all those who have COME OUT before me, Dead or Alive. I have stood on the sidelines COVETING your bravery. YOU and LOVE have given me the COURAGE.

I could have STAYED SAFE AND HIDDEN but for me, IT WOULD MEAN THAT ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DIED for BEING LIKE ME … ALL DIED IN VAIN. JUST LIKE BLACK PEOPLE WHO DIED FOR ME SO THAT I COULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITIES AND RIGHTS I NOW HAVE … WOULD HAVE ALL DIED IN VAIN (and if U think some of them weren’t gay and lesbian as well U R sadly mistaken)  … BUT IF I DID NOT or DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FREEDOMS THEY GIVE ME AND CARRY THAT TORCH and KNOWLEDGE with DIGNITY and SHOW MY GRATITUDE and RESPECT and DO MY PART BY LIVING A LIFE THAT WOULD MAKE THEM PROUD, it would B like spitting in they faces. NOT TOO LONG AGO, I would NOT have been able to go to school much less college. Maybe I would have been ALLOWED to sing for them but NOT touch them. The mic I used would B thrown out AND I would probably have to open my legs REAL WIDE before I got paid a SMALL FRACTION of what I deserved if any at all. I would have had to use the NIGGA back door and stay in a THE NIGGA HOTEL. I couldn’t fly 1st class, PLEEEEASE try NO-CLASS, a girl like me would have to take a boat and keep out of sight at the very bottom. I COULDN’T B in the presence of white people if I wasn’t the maid. And if they felt HAPPY they might just celebrate by RAPING or LYNCHING ME. All because their interpretation of the BIBLE said, WE WERE LESS THAN HUMAN. I haven’t forgetten the PAST, the INSANITY. And this part is hard for many to read but it is HISTORY and not meant to be a disrespect to my caucasian family. MY fans come in every shape, age, color, class and creed and I LOVE and APPRECIATED ALL of them. We’ve come a far way and have a ways to go, but we HAVE GROWN. I’m not here to compare to fight or defend myself or to debate wrong or right. BUT KNOW THIS!

WE ARE everywhere and everyone whether U acknowledge US or not. WE R people U love and cannot live without. WE bring U joy and entertain U. Some of U have even gotten married and made love to our songs, repeated our quotes and have our Art hanging in your homes. WE save your lives in hospitals and in wars, WE defend U in the courts and stand up for your rights WE design the clothes and shoes U just have to have and cannot live without U hand us your money at the banks WE fly U to the beautiful and exciting places U love to travel to WE give U knowledge and inspiration everyday with our words, music and dance. U eat in our restaurants and U dance in our noughtclubs. WE hold your hands and pray for U on your deathbeds. WE deliver your babies and WE marry U.


I am not seeking anyone’s approval.

The people I love and care about the most, love me no matter what and my true fans love my music and my positive energy on and off-stage. I have never been disrespectful to anyone, and have repeatedly shared my deepest thoughts and feelings with you and have demonstrated my UNWAVERING LOVE and COMPASSION for humanity, time and time again thanks to social media. I have been blessed with eyes that only see a person’s HEART, not the labels placed on them, whether obvious or not. And if there is a GOD .. that trait, my best quality, came straight from the ALMIGHTY. That is  WHO I AM to MY CORE and I cannot B anything else. I cannot tell where this will lead but I KNOW, I WILL B ALRIGHT and just like ths status I posted a few day ago, I have two options