LOOK FOR A NEW ALBUM from CHINO to be released in Japan

As the summer rapidly approaches, singjay Chino McGregor continues to go full-force with his catalogue of hits. His recent addition to the hit roster, Miss Universe, on producer, Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor’s Bassline Riddim has been doing exceptionally well since its release a few weeks ago.

In a previous article published in the Saturday, June 2, 2012 edition of The STAR, Chino had spoken about his inspiration for the single, his other half, Yendi Phillips, “The inspiration behind the song Miss Universe is quite obvious. It wasn’t written, so to speak. I had the basic idea or concept and structure in my head prior to recording it, so recording time took approximately 30-45 minutes. There will definitely be a video shot very soon for Miss Universe as well as a follow-up single, entitled Be Around.”

In addition, Chino will be releasing his third Japan album this summer, which will feature a number of previously released singles in addition to exclusive tracks. One such single will be the Seal Di Link remix featuring Japanese singer, Akane, he original version of the monster hit Seal Di Link was featured on Chino’s debut US album, Chino, and sold in excess of 150, 000 during its first week; while his sophomore Japan album, Never Change, held the second spot on the Japan iTunes Reggae chart for a number of weeks.

He says, “There’s a lot in store for this summer. Lots of singles, the album, tours to a number of markets ranging from the US, to Europe and Japan. So right now I’m putting in the work so I have a wide array of songs for the fans from each market.”

Chino is known for his inventory of hit singles, namely, From Mawning, Ruff It Up, Protected,Yeah Yeah, Driving Me Insane, Seal Di Link and more.




The Gospel music fraternity has not been detached from the Jamaica 50 celebrations. In fact, Gospel ministers, Carlene Davis and Papa San have come together and released the aptly titled single, Jubilee.

The single which was produced by Tommy Cowan of Glory Music begins with the sound of the shofar (ram’s horn) signaling the start of Jubilee and then goes on to speak of God’s promises in the true season of Jubilee.

Cowan says, “Jamaica, now celebrating 50 years as an independent nation has been blessed in spite of what people may think or preach. And as the song rightfully says, ‘We’ve been on a journey God’s brought us far/For a while were victims, yet we won the war/We’ve grown by His grace from burdens set free/Come celebrate, it’s jubilee‘. This should be our focus as a nation – being jubilant and celebrating our milestones irrespective of the trials.”

The lyrics for the song are courtesy of a combined effort among Carlene Davis, Rondel Positive, Papa San and Tommy Cowan. Davis who is known for her extensive musical catalogue with songs including, Ambassador For ChristThis Island Needs Jesus,Threshing Floor and more says, “We contemplated this song for months and when we finally got the rhythm track right with Dave Green and Dwon Reid, coupled with the Jamaican feel and the African undertones and the fundamentals of the scriptures and the heritage of the Jamaican people, we went into the studios and started the production. Other musicians who helped to make it possible are Othniel Lewis on keyboards and Dalton Browne on guitar.”
Deep Jahi is at it again. This time with the upcoming release of a new video and a number of stage shows, including St. Mary Mi Come From.
Deep Jahi, this year’s King in the Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall Competition, says he is enthused with the great response he has been receiving from promoters and fans across the island. The singjay whose correct name is Rushane Sanderson, also says one of his latest singles Punching Bag, which was produced by Tiyaro for Rockstone Media, has also been well received.
“People are really seeming to like the single. It’s getting a lot of rotation on a number of stations here; everyday someone messages me to say they just heard it and I should keep it up. So it’s a great and humbling feeling. There are two new singles coming in a few weeks, so fans can definitely continue looking out for more. My aim was not to just win a competition, but to use it as a platform to become one of the most well-known names in the industry. So that’s what myself and my team are working on now,” says Deep Jahi.



There is no better way for Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica in New York to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of independence, than to reconnect with the greatness and world renowned culture of our island with Oliver Samuels and friends.

On Saturday, August 4, 2012, to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th Independence at what is already considered the largest event to date in the Bronx area recognizing a special day for the Jamaican community. The celebration starts at 11am and will continue all day until 7pm.

The venue for this event is already famously known for being the grounds of the annual Puerto Rican Day parade. For the first time Roberto Clemente State Park, will host an occasion celebrated by the people of Jamaica. Located alongside the Harlem River at 301 West Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York, the cool summer breeze from the river is the perfect venue to escape the hot summer days of August.

The host for this event will be Jamaica’s King and Queen of comedy, Oliver Samuels, and Andrea “DELCITA” Wright. Oliver, often recognized as Jamaica’s funniest man, will be joined by Andrea, who has developed quite a reputation as an actress and performs extensively throughout the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. This will be the first time this talented duo will be sharing the same stage.

Speakers and performers will include, OLIVER SAMUELS, Trench Town Ska era group-The WAILING SOULS and the MELODIANS, legendary crooner-DOBBY DOBSON, 3x Olympian-DEVON HARRIS, former USA professional basketball player and current assistant coach of Jamaica’s women basketball team SIMONE EDWARDS, recording Executive to the stars-ANDREA ANMOUR, the GEORGE WESLEY Band, the winner of California’s Best Male Vocalist competition-FARAJI BRYAN, The performer with the most nominations (6) at the Annual Washington DC Reggae Music Awards-RUTH ANN-BROWN, HUMBLETON, Gospel Group The VOICE, singer LEIGHTON MILLER, HUMBLETON and many more. Be prepared to hear great renditions of the national anthem, pledge and other national songs and heritage songs.

With successful performances at The Consulate General of Jamaica in New York, City Hall, Bronx Borough Hall, The World famous Braata Folk Singers will be showcasing Jamaican folk music and songs. The group utilizes music, dance and drama to deliver a combination of high-energy performances, folk ballads and traditional Jamaican folk songs. If you loved the performance of Ms. Lou then you are in for a special treat from Braata Folk Singers.

Award recipients will include Olympian Merlene Ottey – presented with Lifetime Achievement Award and honored as Jamaica’s best athlete in 50 years, former City Council member Una Clarke – recognized for her years of outstanding service to the Caribbean community (Award presented by Mt. Vernon City Council President Yuhanna Edwards), Oliver Samuels – recognized for his theater contributions, The Wailing Souls and 3x Olympian Devon Harris.

If you are a fan of Dennis Brown and Bob Marley you will certainly enjoy a special tribute and performance that will honor their legacy.

Come out with your family and enjoy, cultural workshops, speakers and performers from Jamaica, great foods, music, entertainment, craft vendors showcasing Jamaican merchandise, loodie and domino contest, traditional Jamaican foods and more, all re-connecting us with Jamaican culture and history.

The Jamaican Community in New York will all be at this memorable event to celebrate the island’s 50th Independence. To attend tickets must be purchased in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door and no tickets will be available once sold out. For more information on tickets call 914-384-9554, or visit our website www.Jamaica50Anniversary.com


Fely Tchaco Wins the 2012 Independant Music Award for Best World Beat Song/Opens for Aerosmith August 4th



West African singer/songwriter Felicity “FELY” Tchaco, a current resident of San Francisco’s Bayview district, is the proud winner of a 2012 Independent Music Award in the Best World Beat Song” category for her original composition “Goba” from her latest album, “Maturite.” See link:


FELY is currently raising funds to make a short documentary on the Zaouli Mask dance from Cote d’Ivoire, the same rhythm adapted for the award winning song “Goba.”  She will return to African and film among villagers about her Gouro culture.

The good news continues: on August 4FELY will open  for supergroup AEROSMITH with “Wobbly World”. Click the link below for more detail.


Click here for coverage of FELY’s performance at the Berkeley World Music Festival June 2 at Amoeba Records:


FELY, who is also an actress, model and visual artist, hails from the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) has lived in San Francisco’s Bayview community for several years. “Goba” was co-produced by FELY and Jerry Martin a former audio director of Electronic Arts.

FELY has performed at Yoshi’s Jazz Club, AfroSolo Theatre Company (San Francisco, CA) Reggae on the River (Redway, CA) and the Monterey Bay Reggaefest. FELY has made brief appearances on “Late Night with Jay Leno” and in the movie “Contagion” starring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gweneth Paltrow.  FELY is also featured this summer in the annual print edition of the Reggae Festival guide, sharing a recipe for one of her favorite dishes Forest Snail and Bush Meat in a Palm Nut Sauce, from her country.

“I am honored to have won the Independent Music Award,” said FELY. “I wish my parents were still alive and could see how far I have come. Thanks to all my fans, friends and supporters for their vote. I worked so hard on that song, it means a lot me.”