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The Copyright Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers Inc.  (COSCAP) is hosting its’ Bajan Music Going Global workshop and seminar this week 11th-13th September 2012.  This is made up of 2 parts, the first, an in-studio hands-on workshop with 2 facilitators, Mr. Danny Browne a well-known Jamaican producer and prominent Barbadian Andrew Denny. 10 participants will have the opportunity to have 3 of their works-in-progress reviewed by each producer.


On the 14th there will be a whole day seminar at the Barbados Hilton featuring well-known Jamaican manager, Robert Livingston best known for his work with Shaggy for the first half and Dr. Wayne Bickerton, Chairman of SESAC International, one of the American copyright societies for the second.  Mr. Livingston will be sharing his insight as an artist manager from the Caribbean and successful entry into the international market.  Dr. Bickerton will explain to members how to take greater advantage of the relationship between COSCAP and SESAC to improve their royalty returns from the USA.


Bajan Music Going Global is intended to offer participants a practical approach to the internationalisation of their work through improved standards in terms of production and a better understanding of the structure and functioning of the music industry.  The design of the programme recognises that for effective learning it is necessary to move away from a strictly theoretical format.  It also intentionally focuses on regional facilitators in an attempt to ensure the specific situation of the region is addressed.  This event is possible with grant funding from the Barbados Coalition of Services Industries (BCSI), Hit Island Studio, Platta Studio and SESAC.


We invite members of the press to attend the session on 14th September 2012 at the Barbados Hilton from 9:30 AM to learn more about the programme and to meet the facilitators.


For more information:

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