I had the opportunity recently to meet a 9 year old from Eastern Kingston, Jamaica, who totally blew my mind.  Dancehall and Reggae have been coming under constant negative criticism over the past few years and the argument has consistently been made that we need to start grooming a new crop. Quite of number of persons feel that the music that currently gets majority airplay is POP music (NOTE: Pop is not a genre but music that has become popular and it can be in any genre for that matter); give it 4-6 weeks and it pop and burst, so much so many rarely get a joy from hearing that “HOT” song anytime beyond the 6 week period.


When I met 9 year old Ahejey Mattis, it was tantamount to finding a cauldron of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The brightness from his eyes would only serve to elucidate the power and sweetness of his vocals.  Not only does he sing beyond his years, but he is confident, animated and erudite when he opens his mouth.  I could firmly comprehend why his mother would be beaming with pride and why for the last few weeks this lady I had only met a few weeks before had sought me out in earnest and was insistent that I had to meet this kid.  I hope he finds a good management team to take him to that level.

I had to capture this spellbinding youngster ( I filmed him with my Samsung SIII; kudos to Samsung on a great piece of technology)


Experience one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard: