International Reggae singer Junior Reid and sonWada Blood has combined their efforts for the release of three new music videos.


The videos, ‘Never Let You Go’, ‘Same Boat’ and ‘Rastafari Way’ will be officially premiered this week on various media outlets across  the globe as part of their ongoing campaign heading into the festive season.



The triad of visuals shot by MGP Films features a myriad of location through the Jamaican Diaspora. However each showcasing its own unique traits. ‘Never Let You Go’ speaks to Reid trying to make amends with his departing love interest while the more thought provoking ‘Rastafari Way’ and ‘Same Boat’ alludes to the Rastafarian livity and the continious struggles of the Black nation respectively.


‘Same Boat’ and ‘Never Let You Go’ are the first official releases from Junior Reid upcoming album‘Living Legend’ slated for release next year.






The ‘One Blood’ singer is expected to depart the island in the coming weeks for a stint in Florida, while Wada gears up for a series of shows for the Christmas holidays



Christopher Martin On The Cover of SYM Magazine

New York, NY (November, 19, 2012).  Reggae sensation Christopher Martin is featured on the cover of SYM Magazine November/December issue.
SYM Magazine, meaning Symbolic, features individuals of great talent or contribution in the entertainment sector. SYM was launched online in 2011,, and has maintained the ability to provide great exposure and a medium for exceptional people to express themselves to a market yearning to embrace greatness.
SYM captured the New, Young, Hip, Smooth Christopher Martin from before fame through his journey of the humble reggae sensation he is today. Christopher Martin discussed a wide range of topics in this feature, which will allow you to learn more about the Reggae sensation taking the charts by storm.
Tilsa Wright, editor and chief of SYM Magazine captured the Christopher Martin from Digicel Rising Star to his hit single “Cheater’s Prayer” and found the time to discuss his upcoming New York performance on Wednesday, November 28 at One Mic.
Gramps Morgan Launches Pearl Health Systems

Years after his mother’s passing, Roy “Gramps” Morgan continues to find ways to honour Pearl’s memory in song and most recently, through his new organic based vitamin supplements line, the Pearl Health Systems.

“Seeing my mother suffer the dreadful effects of cancer inspired this initiative for prevention, and the maintenance of our bodies. Typically, I use my music as a means to help heal people; the Pearl Health Systems is another way for me to help enhance the lives of others by educating people about the importance of prevention and taking a proactive approach to wellness to eliminate the need for cures and remedies.”

Speaking candidly, Gramps continues, “Today there is a huge war going on that is not in the mainstream media. That war is between the pharmaceutical companies and the homeopathic methods used to maintain health and to avoid diseases and ailments; including but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and sexual dysfunctions. Pearl Health Systems offers a natural way of staying healthy; eliminating free radicals from the human body through the proper balance of essential vitamins and nutrients. Our products are not cures for any particular ailment or disease, but rather an alternative to the chemically based drugs called medicine. These organic based vitamins can help to maintain and regulate the body’s natural cycle.”

Although the line has over two thousand products, Morgan has only unveiled twelve to start, specific to both men and women’s health. Two such products are Iron Man – a supplement to aid

with sexual satisfaction, performance, and dysfunction and Virtuous Woman – to help increase energy, endurance, stamina and sexual desire.

The health conscious Morgan is a multifaceted entrepreneur, who prior to Pearl Health Systems had been developing his own line of food. Expect to see an official launch of “Gramps Farms” next year.

Jemere Morgan – Teen Idol on the Rise
As near and dear as health and food are to Gramps’ heart, watching his son on the path of teen stardom is his greatest pride. Just over a year ago, when they launched the career of Gramps’ now 17 year old son, Jemere Morgan, the Dada Son Entertainment label proved that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“According to the tween-teen girls, my son is a teen darling. Thanks to Team Jemere he’s becoming an underground phenomenon among Reggae lovers, particularly for Caribbean parents who are thrilled to have a positive young black man their children can look up to. Jemere is their Beiber,” says Gramps who plays the major role in mentoring and grooming Jemere’s brand and music.

Jemere Morgan’s debut single First Kiss garnered airplay on major radio stations in Jamaica including Irie Fm and ZipFM, as did his follow up single Sunshine Glow whose accompanying video peeked at #1 on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown. Meanwhile, his single International Love has joined Sunshine Glow on SiriusXM Radio’s The Joint’s playlist. International Love also hit #1 in the UK this week on the Karma Reggae Show. Further, the single also charted on both Italy’s Under Pressure and Da Flava Radio’s NMT Top10 in Atlanta where Jemere’s track Bounce is currently charting at #5 on the NMT Dancehall chart.

His next single, She’s Gone, was produced by Stanley “Rellee” Hayden, one half of Pop music’s renowned production duo, The A-Team. A joint venture between Dada Son Entertainment, VPal – a subsidiary of VP Records, and A-Team Music, She’s Gone is expected to be released at the end of this quarter. Jemere’s debut album, High School Graduation is slated for release on Dada Son in the first quarter of 2013.

As Jemere Morgan’s popularity amongst the Caribbean’s youth steadily expands to new regions including Oceania, it is clear that a new star is on the rise.



Claims that neither Senator Tufton nor Minister Bunting is fair in criticizing Vybz Kartel until they read his book and look at the totality of his work and influence instead of relying on one verse



Responding to a Gleaner article titled “Muzzle them! – Tufton wants laws against antisocial lyrics,” Michael Dawson, the US based co-author of Vybz Kartel’s book stated: “I am sick of the hypocrisy of these Jamaican politicians, to put in a Jamaican term is only the dancehall artiste dem have strength for. An American who is a convicted abuser of a Bajan female artiste came to Jamaica and danced on his head at Sumfest to much love and support; Scarface and Godfather 1, 2 and 3 are some of the most popular movies in Jamaica; the PNP and JLP are the entities most associated with the most murderous period in Jamaica’s history, yet none of the above is banned – the sick truth is that the bullseye is on poor people’s music.

Furthermore, Minister Bunting mentions his love for an entertainer with Kartel’s cult-like appeal to be a part of the anti-lottery scam campaign. My question to him is, did he ask Addi (Kartel) to be a part of that campaign? What politicians refuse to admit is that the Dancehall artistes understand the youths more than politicians so they can relate in a way that politicians only wish they could. Remember the Atlanta based rapper TI who was charged by the US government with possessing and attempting to purchase firearms? The US government never condemned him to hell the way Jamaican politicians do our artistes, instead they reasoned with him and used him to speak to kids about the same issue that he was convicted for resulting in significant documented success. Majic Johnson spoke out against AIDS after contracting HIV out of wedlock and Michael Vick convicted for dog fighting, is an advocate against the practice, so there is indeed precedence. Why can’t Jamaican politicians be that progressive in their thinking? Unless they think outside of the box, these politicians will realize that their elitist and draconian measures will never solve Jamaica’s crime problem. Understanding the youths and having dialogue with them is the only way.

They keep criticizing Kartel about the use of his influence but I say that they have absolutely no right to do that until they read the book that the man has co-written. Did they read how he discouraged robbery, rape and tribal war? Did they read where he encouraged youths to work hard and invest their money wisely, not to give up when they are discriminated against and to be productive fathers so that their children will not make the same mistakes that they made? Did they read his appeal to politicians to create more opportunities for the youths and to reduce bureaucracy so that ‘hustlings’ can become a legitimate tax paying businesses? Did they bother to mention that the song refers to scamming as being a lesser evil that shooting someone – no? The intention is not to understand where he is coming from or rationalize, the intent is to demonize. Did they bother to mention that the song started being played this summer but scamming has been a problem for years?

I am saying until they read what the man has written in its entirety, they can’t criticize him by taking one verse out of one song and define him. However, my task in this debate challenge is not to defend Vybz

Kartel or scamming but to defend Dancehall against what I believe to be a classist racist ideology prominent in “uptown” or “classist” Jamaica where the dominant belief is that they have the God given right to tell the rest of us what to listen to and what is moral and what is not. They behave as if Jamaica has a caste system.

My challenge to the Doctor and Senator is to debate me anytime or anyplace on his notion that the constitutional rights of some should be suspended in reference to Dancehall lyrics. My request to both him and the Minister however, is to read Vybz Kartel’s book before using a single verse to condemn a man. I can be reached at and though I doubt they will, I eagerly await their response.