Welcome to the top 25 albums of 2012, as voted for by a wide selection of BBC Music critics, DJs, and presenters from Radio 1Radio 2Radio 3Radio 1Xtra6 MusicBBC Scotland and BBC Ulster.

How was this list compiled?
Each voter was asked to submit their own top five albums of 2012. These could include DJ mix CDs, downloadable/free mixtapes and, of course, brand-new releases; but could not include reissues and deluxe/expanded editions of older albums. Each position in these top fives was worth a points score: first place was awarded 10 points; second, six; third, four; fourth, two; and fifth, one. Once all the votes were in, scores for every album were added together to create an overall top 25.

When votes were tied, the x/10 score awarded to the albums in question by Metacritic (BBC Music page) was used to rank them. When these scores were the same, the tone of each review was assessed by BBC album reviews editor Mike Diver and rankings were established according to how positive the corresponding review was.

Who voted?
The complete list of voters is as follows: Jude Rogers, Marcus J Moore, Luke Turner, Rory Gibb, Mike Davies, Fraser McAlpine, Martin Aston, John Eyles, Natalie Shaw, Alex Deller, David Katz, Wyndham Wallace, David Quantick, Huw Stephens, Kevin Le Gendre, Garry Mulholland, Camilla Pia, Jude Clarke, Semtex, Tom Hocknell, Al Fox, CJ Beatz, Robin Denselow, Mark Radcliffe, Stevie Chick, Daniel Ross, Ian Roullier, Tom RobinsonVic GallowayRicky Ross, Daryl Easlea, Hari Ashurst, Zane LoweChris Hawkins, Paul Clarke, Edith BowmanRob da BankGideon Coe, Mike Diver, Kate Hutchinson, Mike Haydock, Paul Whitelaw, Sean Adams, Angus Taylor, Paul Lester, Chris Parkin, Lloyd Bradley, Chris Roberts, Ian Wade, Jen LongCharlie Sloth, Martin Longley, James Skinner, Daniel Spicer, Ally McCrae, Adam Kennedy, Skream, Raziq Rauf, Jez Nelson,Daniel P Carter, Ben Hewitt, Nick Levine, Alex Denney, Ian Winwood, Mischa Pearlman, Colin Irwin, Darren Loucaides, Jaime Gill, Jamie Cullum, Ele Beattie, Melissa Bradshaw, Louis Pattison, Gilles Peterson, John Doran, Stuart Bailie, Joseph JP Patterson, Bob HarrisRalph McLeanAnnie MacMistaJamRobbo RanxSteve LamacqMike Harding,Marc RileyTim WestwoodAlyn Shipton, Chris Power, Ninian Dunnett, Jo Whiley, Jeanette Leech & Matthew Bennett.

DJs are linked to their relevant shows. Links to all critics can be found here. Jo Whiley and Mike Harding submitted unranked top fives, so each album was awarded four points.

BUSY SIGNAL - Reggae Music Again

BUSY SIGNAL – Reggae Music Again

I must say that as I scrolled down the list, in my heart I prayed to see at least one Jamaican album making the cut; after all we put out so much music and are loaded with some good talent.  I scrolled slowly and I soon saw the colors of an album that I was well familiar with, Busy Signal’s REGGAE MUSIC AGAIN.  I swelled with intense pride when I realized at least one Jamaican got due recognition; released in April 2012, Busy’s album was one of those true to form qualitative works of Jamaican sounds, no doubt a great feeling of accomplishment for his team and a man who was only recently released from incarceration.  Look out for my interview with Busy Signal coming out in @l3magazine (December 2012 Edition – Toronto).
See the BBC Review of Busy’s album here
Speaking about albums, J Wonder of Hapilos 21 Records recently tweeted that he is working on an album with Bounty Killer and look out for New Kidz like you have never heard him before with his brand new album, set to drop in January 2013.
Chronixx - UBTR
This Tuesday saw Chronixx (@iamchronixx) live in performance with The Zinc Fenc  Band inside Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, it was poetry in motion loaded with tonnes of energy.  Bearing semblance to Peter Tosh, this not even 21 years old yet artiste, shows what serious dedication to craft can do.  His performance was far from the lacklustre delivery that the Jamaican audiences often get from ‘hype’ Dancehall acts.  On Thursday, he and his peers, Protoje, Jah 9, Kabaka Pyramid, Raging Fyah Band headed to Costa Rica for Rebel Musik Fest.

The 14th staging of the annually held GT Taylor’s Christmas Extravaganza stage show will be one of the most exciting events to be held during the upcoming holiday season.

Promoter of the prestigiousChristmas night event GT Taylor has put together a stellar line up of proven dancehall and reggae stars along with some of the brightest and best new acts on the scene for this year’s staging of the event under the theme Still Rules.

In a recent interview GT said that he knows for a fact that the lineup that he has selected this year is one that the patrons will love and appreciate.

“I am sure that the patrons who usually support Christmas Extravaganza are going to appreciate the lineup of artistes that are billed for the show this year. Every year we try our best to put together a line that will attract the patrons and give them good value for their money and this year we have done so again. The lineup features some of the biggest names in the business today, along with several veterans from the 70s & 80s and not to be left out are the young stars on the rise,” said GT Taylor.

Among the headline acts for this staging of Christmas Extravaganzadancehall giants Bounty Killer, Beenie Man and Sizzla, these three artistes are some of the most consistent crowd pleasers in Jamaica today, they have never failed to deliver on any major event. They are also responsible for plethora of hits spanning almost over two decades worth of popular dancehall music.



Over the past weekend, one of Jamaica’s hypest acts got booed at 2 events in 2 different parishes in Jamaica in one day, Rumbar Chug it (St Catherine) and Rum Punch (Kingston and St Andrew).  Uncle Demon aka Tommy Lee aka Head of Sparta quite possibly experienced the first wave of the Jamaican audience hard to please and vacillating nature since his meteoric rise in the Dancehall sphere.  The first round of boos at Rumbar Chug It stemmed from his diss of The Warlord aka Bounty Killer in which he referred to him as a batty mechanic (translation: a man who services the anus)  instantly quelling the exuberant support he received up to that point.  For a country perceived to be highly homophobic (that is for an altogether different article), that was supposed to have served as a jab of the highest order, in his mind.  Trodding on like a true Sparta warrior, he then headed to Kingston and St Andrew for Rum Punch where he got psychotic support. After his team exited the stage, Bounty Killer and his crew made a grand entry.  His overpowering voice lifted the venue to another level where he hurled disrespect without really calling the Sparta leader’s name and elicited massive support from the vibrant crowd; some even booed Tommy Lee.

Tension surrounding these 2 artistes have been building over the past few weeks (it is supposed to have started from a song the Sparta leader did called Uncle Demon which ired the Warlord) and is supposed to culminate at Sting 2012 in Portmore, St Catherine; even though, it recently surfaced that Bounty Killer returned the deposit to the promoter and will not be making a showing.

All in all, I will say it was a good thing that Tommy Lee got booed because sometimes artistes can get a bit relaxed (this served as a wake-up call for him as for the most part in his career so far, he has sailed through flawlessly as a protoje of Vybz Kartel), it wetted his feet as to the arena he’s really working in and how vicious it can be and it will serve as an educational experience to further his growth as an artiste (he already delivers good hooks in his songs).  At one point he even started cursing the audience, not a good thing, especially when it is they who paid to see you and who allowed you to be paid.  This should make his first performance at Sting as a ‘buss’ artiste more than well anticipated and should be a highly charged one.

Let’s not forget that Sizzla Kalonji is sure not to forget the disses he got from Khago earlier in the year.  Let’s see how that plays out.


ATL Group Signs Wayne Marshall, Tami Chynn

Music power couple Wayne Marshall and Tami Chynn have signed on as brand ambassadors for the ATL Group. The duo will bethe marketing faces of the 44 year old company across its range of services from electronics to automobiles throughout the upcoming year.

The appliance and auto company selected the couple because of their talent and diverse appeal. “In looking for brand ambassadors, we believe that Wayne and Tami represent the similar values of the ATL Group and our customers: vibrant, progressive and wholesome” said Ian Neita, Assistant Deputy Chairman of the ATL Group.


As brand ambassadors, Wayne and Tami will represent Appliance Traders Limited – the group’s flagship company specializing in electronics and industrial solutions as well as ATL Automotive – its premium car dealership specializing in Honda, Audi, Land Rover, VW and Jaguar brands in ad campaigns , events and other promotional initiatives.

“ATL is such a well-respected family brand that we readily agreed to partner with them,” said Marshall. “There are definitely big plans in the works and we can’t wait to share with ATL customers and our fans” said Tami.  And ‘share’ they will. As part of the campaign, the couple will also utilize their social media channels including Twitter and Instagram to galvanize fan support for their new partnership.


One of Jamaica’s leading musical couples, Wayne and Tami have enjoyed illustrious careers both on the local and international scene with recent projects seeing both artistes recording and releasing new material as well as videos.