SPARK-ENT MAR 14, 2013 – META & The Cornerstones, Damian Marley, RDX, Jesse Royal, Maextrosity, Konshens




Senegalese artist Meta Dia of Meta and the Cornerstones, alongside Damian “Jr. Gong”Marley, pay tribute to his homeland with new single “My Beloved Africa.”  The first single from his sophomore offering, Ancient Power“My Beloved Africa” is a love letter that talks about the ancestry, rich history, beautiful and smiling faces of a resilient people.  Listeners are treated to the raw emotion of Meta’s pride in what he calls, “Africa, my place of birth.”  The chorus, “Mama Africa you are my nice one” ties together the overall theme making this an altogether feel good, positive, reggae single that will make you dance and beam with joy.  Add to that Meta and Damian’s vocal similarity and you have a chemistry that makes “My Beloved Africa” a sure fire hit.




Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Artistes that have been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world have always found a new appreciation for life, the discovery of new cultures, the chance to meet their international fans and for the love received and RDX is no exception. The duo has just returned from their European Tour and indeed feel blessed and are thankful to everyone who has been part of this journey. They have found a greater appreciation for Family after blazing across Europe for several weeks.

This greater appreciation for Family stems from RDX reflecting on the sacrifices and support of their respective families on every aspect of their career. It is their love for Family that is most scared to them. “It’s the fundamental institution that teaches us and holds us accountable yet also it’s what drives us into being the Shining Star that we are reflects the duo”. Maya Angelo said “I sustain myself with the love of family.” And on that premise, RDX has been able to thrive and remain on constant path greatness.

With the widely anticipated release of their Reggae Album, the duo has decide to once again release another single from their Soul Poetry Reggae Album titled “Family”.

This new single is not the typical sound you would expect from RDX  who rose to stardom came from core dancehall music. The single uses live instruments and harmonies done by Adeena Myrie, sister of incarcerated Grammy Winner Buju Banton.

“The group wanted to bring a different concept and demonstrate their limitless potential by incorporating more than the typical dancehall atmosphere that they are known for.” He further states” the simple and unusual complexities that diversifies and help to transcend families to higher heights becomes inevitable once love and determination remains constant.” states RDX publicist Shuzzr Smith.

The single produced by I-Strong, Blaqk Sheep and Apt.19 is distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos and available on itunes. A testament of the group’s versatility, the dynamic group further stated “Soul Poetry is just poetic music from the soul for the soul. Powerful messages inspired by the varying colors of life.”















Young and upcoming rapster from Jamaica, Maestroxity. A fluid writer, GRAB his mixtape here >>




Konshens Live in Uganda a Dancehall & Reggae Documentary through the eyes of Dancehall Superstar, Konshens.
Konshens shows us the power and impact of Dancehall & Reggae Music on an entire nation. In Uganda, Africa 25,000 plus fans in one venue, embracing one artiste and one culture.  This documentary is a must see, learn about the journey, the people and the love for Dancehall & Reggae like you have never experienced before.