Kabaka Pyramid: the next big sound



Singer Kabaka Pyramid, who has made strides with radio-friendly songs including No Capitalist, King Kabaka, and Free from Chains, has got the thumbs-up from the music business’ most respected publication.

Last week, he was ranked number one artiste on Billboard Magazine’s Next Big Sound chart.

The Next Big Sound list ranks the 15 fastest moving artistes weekly. The acts are selected from major social music sites, and are projected to achieve major success.




The recognition is no surprise to Kabaka, who has for the past three years utilised social media to get his music out to a wider audience.

“Ranked number one on the Next Big Sound chart signifies the hard work put in on social media; Facebook, Sound Cloud, twitter and all platforms. This gives fans access to the music and I love to interact with my fans,” Kabaka said during an interview with the Observer last week.

The artiste, whose real name is Keron Salmon, has worked feverishly to get the breakthrough. Making hit songs, he believes, is over-rated.




“Some people think it’s about finding the big hit song or getting the big buss. I do music on a natural level. We have to be patient and put in the hard work. My goals are spiritual and music is a way for me to express growth,” he reasoned.


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New York, NY (May 6, 2013). Dancehall super star Konshens took a scheduled trip to Uganda, Africa earlier this year and has shared with us, through his eyes and via his journey, the power of Jamaican music and culture. ‘Konshens Live in Uganda Africa’ documentary signifies the true meaning of the love and power of dancehall and reggae music.

Thousand miles away from the land of dancehall and reggae, Jamaica, West Indies, Konshens and fellow members of his SubKonshus recording label, embarked on the journey to Uganda.

“Going to Africa before, Kenya to be exact, was a great experience, the fans truly love and embrace the Jamaican culture more than we ourselves and I had to share this experience with the world” says Konshens.

During the documentary you are able to feel the passion the fans have for each word, which Konshens sings and the love they have for him. The moment Konshens walked off the plane into Entebbe International Airport, people wanted to see, hear and know his next move.  They wanted to get as close to  the artiste as possible but closer to his culture.

“When artist from Jamaica come to Uganda, this is our time to get as close to the music and artist as much as possible. We see reggae and dancehall as the music for the people, music that makes us feel liberated, makes us feel happy, makes us know we should live for today and give thanks for yesterday” says Yunde Malaweh of Uganda.


The documentary filmed by Ruption of RDStudios, was able to capture the genuine love and excitement of over 25,000 fans while Konshens performed.

“To see so many people in one venue, to see one artiste and a scream for dancehall and reggae, is a great feeling mi nah lie. I had to document the experience for the world to see,because for me to tell you about the experience don’t serve it any justice” says Konshens.

Konshens Live in Uganda Africa goes on sale tomorrow, May 7th, you can Pre-Order today. This documentary is a must see, learn about the journey, the people and the love for dancehall & reggae like you have never experienced before.