Real Entertainment Production (R.E.P) boss and television producer Andrew Lee Pryce has secured a deal with an independent film company in the United States to produce his Justice System movie.



Pryce wrote the script several years ago and submitted it to the Spy Glass Entertainment. He finally got a call back.

“It was submitted to them from as far back as 2010, and they replied in the affirmative. They want to go into pre-production next year, shoot it, and release it in a few years.

The movie is about a young footballer from Jamaica who gets in trouble with the law while in the US, and it points to certain inequities in the justice system overall where a person from a poor background cannot get a fair shake in the system as a rich person,” he said.

According to Pryce, pre-production of Justice System will start next year and the marketing of a movie typically takes a few years, so it should be ready for release in 2018.

“The producers have also offered me the role to play the attorney-at-law from Jamaica representing the footballer. It will be hard for me as a producer to be a cast in the movie, but I want to be the first Jamaican young film producer ever to break big internationally. I’m extra confident in myself and I know what I can do, I am grateful to Spy Glass Entertainment for this opportunity,” Pryce, who is an Edna Manley School for the Performing and Visual Arts graduate, said in a release.

Real Entertainment Production (R.E.P) is known for its live broadcast on BESS FM of Sting 2011 that proved to be an ultra-successful revenue earner for the station. R.E.P is now gearing up for the launch of Real Talk tv show, a social and entertainment programme that will air public views on a wide variety of issues.