When the news broke that Tessanne Chin would be auditioning for NBC’s The Voice you had a lot of naysayers.  Usually, the case when you want to try something new.  For a long time Jamaicans knew that Tessanne possessed the lung capacity of a fiery volcano and last night the world got a chance to experience what we knew all along.  For two days Jamaicans sat and waited to see her, the 1st day passed and we went on to day 2 ,  as if it were a sporting event.  Night two came and the 1st hour went, no Tessanne, 1 1/2 hr went by, no Tessanne.   To say that tempers and anxiety were rising would be an understatement.  Finally the last 10 minutes of the 2 hr show came and we saw that familiar face.  Knowing Caribbean people the way I know them, just the glimpse of her, I knew lifted quite a few roofs.  Where I was in Kingston, Jamaica normally reserved persons belted out screams so loudly you would have thought there was an emergency and guess what Tessanne wasnt even in performance yet, all they saw was a clip of a few seconds.

Then the time finally came and Tessanne hit the stage.  It was like an economic revival , so many spirits were lifted, one almost felt like the exchange rate was JA$2 = US$1 instead of the JA$103 = US$1.  All four judges were in the fight for Brand Jamaica.  Adam Levine made it known that Reggae was one of his favorite genres, Christina while lauding her vocal abilities wanted a piece of Tessanne’s warmth, Blake Shelton and Cee-lo made their bids, but it was Adam was who happy like a kid on a Sunday Morning.

Maybe, Tessanne and her husband Michael Cuffe are not aware, but her mere presence on NBC’s The Voice was beyond inspiring on many levels.  Have a look here to see why many feel good this morning about our songbird from Kingston, Jamaica.

I believe Tessanne chose one of the best songs for this audition.  TRY.  It  sent a positive message on so many levels.

If you are new to Tessanne, allow me to introduce you to one of her big songs back home here in Jamaica, Hideaway.  Our canary is no longer hidden, she has flown to the globally sonic skies. CONGRATS Tessanne, you made and will continue to make us swell with pride.